Valentines Day Mojo

Next to Halloween, Valentines Day is my favorite holiday.  Who doesn’t love chocolate, roses and wine?  Not this girl!


I have made some downright momentous decisions in my life in the past month.  Reviving my crafting life was high up on the list!  My Etsy shoppe is about to get a mother load of products laid on it.  {Did I mention how much I am kicking myself for the great craft room purge a few years ago?}. Slowly but surely in the late night hours, spurred on by Lady Gaga in the background, my crafting mojo is making a comeback.

What preceded this decision you ask?  Well, several things really.  First off, I am pretty damn creative!  It’s a gift I was given for free and I’m not going to waste it!  I used to be a crafting goddess, until slowly I let that evil self doubt and comparison set in.

All of the sudden I was not sure I was so awesome.  In fact, I was sure no one would ever be interested in what I was making.  I was sure that my creations were crap and that random strangers were laughing at my horrible creations.  What???  Really, I fell for it and started (or stopped rather) creating anything.  Truth be told, my creations were fun and silly and people did like them!


So I just stopped.  I quit worrying about everyone else and crafted what I loved.  People have things in common all the time.  I learned to not tie my self confidence to how many likes I got on Facebook or how many of my pins go viral.  My self confidence comes from within me…where it’s supposed to be!  Lost yours?  Look on that shelf right next to “things that make you happy”.  It’s sitting right there waiting for you🥰.


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