Never did I ever think I would stick my hands in a bowl of squiggly, crawly worms.  Yuk.  Double yuk.  We have 26 chickens now and they love them some mealies.  We added Gecky the Gecko at Christmas too.  He is also a mealworm connoisseur.  Let me tell you one little package of mealworms runs about $5 at Petco.  I’m all about free stuff so I got over my worm phobia quickly!  I invested in two containers of live worms, did a quick diy mealworm farm search and started my own mealworm farm.

I had an extra 3 drawer plastic cabinet upstairs, so their new worm condo was free!  Next, I ground up some oatmeal and added it to the drawers.  A ripped up egg carton completed their new space.  We were ready for some worms!

A few days later I opened the worm drawer and there were these white alien looking things just laying there.  Ugh.  I recalled my diy mealworm farm search and realized they were pupa.  They got moved to the middle drawer.  I added a carrot on a plastic lid in each drawer.  According to the post, carrots are a big hit with mealworms.  Who knew?

Tonight, my oldest came upstairs and announced we had a delivery!  Our first darkling beetle had hatched from the pupa!  Super excited because each of these beetles lays like 500 eggs in its short life.  That is 500 mealworms for free!  Right now I have about 15 pupa.  Do the math!  Lol, we are about to be up to our ears in mealworms!


i was worried it was going to be stinky and gross, but it’s not at all.  The cabinet is in my laundry room and they can’t get out.  No smell, no noise.  Best pet EVER!




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