Happiness through my windshield

I sat in class all day today.  Like, all dang day.  I don’t do mornings or classes in general.  I’m a night shifter, a self-learner.   I think it’s a waste to sit in a lecture when there are so many more interesting ways to learn about things you need to learn about.  How about a Vimeo class?  I could save gas and not have to leave my house.  Score!   After eight hours cooped up in a classroom,  I could use a little happiness in my day!

After finishing class (and acing my test), I stopped for pizza since Jacob was having a friend over.  We have had rain nearly every day this week.  I am talking Noah’s Ark kind of rain.  I don’t’ think my yard can possibly soak up any more water.  It’s absorbed all it possibly can.  I am sure there will be more rain tomorrow.  Right now it just lays there on top of the grass waiting for some unsuspecting person to walk out in dry sneakers or suction the flip-flop of your foot.  Stupid rain!

Anyway, I was worn out and kind of feeling down because the rain had ruined any chance of hanging about on a dry deck and enjoying my evening.  I didn’t want to be cooped up inside the house all night since I sat in class all day.  As I was driving down the road near the bike path, I glanced to my left and saw this brightest rainbow I have ever seen!


For a brief moment, I sat at the stop sign and just stared at the beauty of it.  I turned and headed down the road to my house, and the rainbow disappeared.  Feeling like I would be just fine not hanging out on the deck tonight,  I thanked the Goddess for her little gift that I felt like was just for me.  A little bit of happiness right there through my windshield 🙂




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