This is Madison.  She is a rescue we adopted from a facebook post.  She is quite possibly the ugliest dog in the world.  I say that in a loving way.  She is so ugly, she’s cute!  She was abandoned by her owners and left in a trailer with several other dogs.   This photo was taken the day we got her.

Madison was emaciated, full of fleas and smelly when we brought her home.  Like really, really smelly.  The kind of smelly that makes you want to put her in another room.  Problem was, she was so sweet and just wanted to sit on your lap all day.  She clearly had a problem with her mouth.  It never closed right and her tongue hung out the side.  Her teeth were a mess.

I wormed her and loved her and fattened her up.  I bought anti-tartar medicine and tried to brush what was left of her teeth.  No luck.  The smell was better but still unbearable.  We visited our vet. Well, it seems most of her teeth are rotten and she had horrible tartar on them.  Her lower jaw was broken and would need to be wired back together.  She weighed in at a whopping 5.3 pounds!

Madison had her dental cleaning yesterday and most of her teeth literally fell out.  She has a total of four teeth left in her mouth.  They had to pull several due to infection.  Our vet was unable to wire her lower jaw, so she has dissolvable sutures to hold it in place while it heals.

Madison is like a brand new little dog!  Her breath odor is completely gone.  She has to rest for the next several days and eat only soft food for the next several weeks (or longer!).  She spent the whole evening last night curled up next to the kids. Her lower jaw is still misaligned but much improved.  She can actually close her mouth now.  She also got a manicure!

Financially it was a little much, but the look on her face shows you how much it means to her that you took the time to take care of this little dog that got left behind.  It’s sad that she was so uncared for during the first part of her life, but we plan to give her an awesome second chance!



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