Guinea fowl

Please welcome our newest homestead addition, Lola, and Coraline, our new Guinea Fowl.  Clearly, I have a thing for birds.  I visited our general store the other day to buy chicken feed and what in the world did I find?  You got it……Guinea fowl!  You know those awkward looking birds with the long necks, little heads, and big fat bodies?  They look like clowns with a helmet on.  If you saw them full grown, no one would ever buy one.  But as little chicks, OMG!….the cute factor is off the chart!

We left with two unsexed birds.  They have these adorable stripes on their head and they look just like a baby chick.

They are currently residing in my living room under warming lights where they can be loved by all the children.  They lounge under the lights mostly and love to be held close to your chest.  I understand they will imprint on you like a duck will.  Once they are older, they will actually fly and roost in the trees.

I have read many negative things about these birds.  The biggest problem being how LOUD they are as they get older.  I can confirm they are pretty loud as chicks too!  You are supposed to be able to tell what sex they are by the sound they make.  We haven’t really identified a particular sound yet, they just chirp and peck at the sides of the box, lol.  They are supposedly pretty stealth egg layers and it is hard to find their nest.

On the plus side, they are like an alarm system.  That is one of the main reasons why I decided to get them.  We have a lot of predators and stray dogs in our area.  Since our run is not predator proof (the coop is) it will give us a little warning if someone or something is on the property that doesn’t belong there.

Another huge bonus is they eat a ton of insects!  We are plagued with water roaches here.  I have an exterminator that comes every three months to keep it under control.  I know, I know.  Not great for the environment, but have you ever had a 3-inch water roach crawl across your wall as you are watching tv?  Or worse sit down to use the bathroom and look over and there is staring at you from on top of the vanity?  UGH!  I literally had one jump off the top of my washer and chase me across the kitchen!  Supposedly, guinea fowl will keep your grasshopper, tick, flea and any other insect population under control.  I hope they like roaches!

Our newest additions will spend another week or so inside, then graduate to the coop under the warming lights. We have had a pretty cool spring here in Georgia which is unusual.  It’s usually sweltering by now.  I will keep you updated on their progress and growth and we will see if their positives outweigh their negatives!



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