Dandruff Control

My pre-teen daughter struggles with dandruff.  Puberty struck and wrought havoc on her skin and hair.  Her once clear skin is acne prone and needs daily attention to keep it under control.  Her hair is an oily mess by the end of the day but her scalp is super dry.  The condition of her hair directly affects her acne problem,  so we needed to address the hair issues.

We tried the generic shampoo and conditioners like Head and Shoulders, Tea Tree shampoo.  We tried natural vinegar rinses but to no avail.  A friend of mine at work sells Monat and I asked her if she had any suggestions to help combat the dandruff woes.  She gave me a sample of Monat’s Renew Shampoo and Conditioner and we were hooked!  There was a noticeable difference after the first wash.  The Clarifying Shampoo is great too.  It washes out all those leftover products in your hair and leaves it squeaky clean!

Monat products are on the higher end price wise but well worth it to me.  Each bottle lasts about a month because you really only use a small amount when you wash.  Her conditioner lasts even longer because we only apply conditioner to the ends.  My daughter’s hair is long, nearly touching her lower back.

To combat the expense, I joined Monat a VIP.  This gives me a 15% discount on products.  You have to make two additional orders after you sign up to fulfill your commitment.  They offer a monthly flex ship, but you can alter the shipping date if needed.  You also get another discount if you get 3 new orders.  You can also join as a Market Partner.

I have read positive and negative reviews of Monat products.  Some people have a severe allergic reaction to it.  We have been lucky to not have any problems with allergic reactions and the product has really helped my daughter’s dandruff problem.  Common sense dictates that if you suffer from hair loss and scalp problems after using this product then this product is not for you!

Want to try Monat?  Check out my friends’ website and tell her I sent ya!


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