Checking in with the hens {and ducks!}

Our hens are getting so big!  They are almost a month old now and entering that gawky teenage stage where they are getting their feathers.  No more little downy fuzz!  I believe this is one of the Barred Rock hens.  She is gray…how beautiful!

Yesterday afternoon we moved our ducklings from the house to the coop.  They seemed pretty scared at first and hid in their little house.  This morning though, I found them happily mingling with their new chicken friends!  The chickens like to eat their feed and we had to shoo them away several times.  We put a makeshift pond in the coop so they can swim.  We will be adding a bigger kiddie pool next week.  So much fun!


Everyone is still basking under the warming lights as temperatures have been in the low 30’s overnight here.  We had a very windy day yesterday that made it feel a lot colder than the temperature said.

Within the next month, I will be cleaning out the rest of the shed and transforming it into the new coop.  Our current coop will not hold all these new additions!   I also will be spring cleaning our current coop and removing all the litter for use in our gardens.  I will add a fresh new layer of straw to restart our deep litter bedding.  Stay tuned for updates!




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