Bake Sale

Yesterday we had a bake sale as a fundraiser for the Emergency Department.  We formed a Spirit Committee at work to boost morale in the unit and recognize outstanding staff.  Everyone and I mean everyone, made fun of the name.  No one had any other outstanding suggestions so it stuck!  We have raffles, gift card giveaways and food days.  Tasked with finding ways to fund our activities, we came up with the idea for a bake sale.  It was a huge success!  Many of our staff volunteered to bake items for the sale.


Table banner made from scrapbooking paper and cotton twine.  The flower in the center is made out of a cupcake liner!


The goodies!

We wanted to have a variety of items for our bake sale.  I chose these items to make…

One box of Rice Krispie treats, a few lollipop sticks and I had Rice Krispie pops!.  I poked a lollipop stick in one end and then dipped the other end in white chocolate and sprinkles.  Inserted into a small bag and tied with baker’s twine they were a sweet addition to our table!


These jumbo marshmallow pops were so easy to make.  It took me about thirty minutes to make fifteen pops.  Lollipop sticks in one end and then roll the edge in melted chocolate.   Next, you add sprinkles and cute packaging and you are done! I had some that had pink sprinkles and they were a huge hit with the little girls!


To package my mini loaves of banana and zucchini bread, I wrapped them in Saran wrap and then added a three-inch band of scrapbooking paper.  I wrapped baker’s twine around the loaf and then inserted the whole loaf into a cello bag. I tied the end off with more baker’s twine and added a little tag.  Cute and easy!

The presentation!

We had a huge variety of baked items for the sale.   Displaying our items in galvanized tin trays and wire baskets, our table looked amazing!  I made a banner for the table and we used a chalkboard to show pricing.  We received a lot of compliments on our set up and a Public Relations employee came down to take photos!

Here are Paris and Summer ready to make a sale!

Our patrons had lots of items to choose from.  We had a large variety of cupcakes, cookies and even homemade fudge!

My jumbo marshmallow pops and Rice Krispie pops were a hit with the kids!

We learned a lot about having a fundraising event.  Approval is needed from our administration through a separate committee to have a fundraising event.  The proceeds have to be earned for a department, not an individual.  Since our baked goods were made by our employees, no other approval was needed.  If we had items from an outside vendor, that would require approval from administration.  Because this was a first-time event, we now have a new policy at our facility about fundraising activities.

We will definitely do more advertising next year!  Many people didn’t know about our event.  Our committee has a Facebook page but we could have put out flyers to let other units know about our event.  Our assistant manager helped us out here by making an announcement over the PA system at the start of the sale.  Hopefully, our activiites will pave the road for other departments to develop their own Spirit Committee!




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