Yesterday, Lucas and I stopped by Anderson’s General Store and to our surprise they had baby ducks!  We previously raised two ducks but some rogue snapping turtles in our pond made short work of them.  🙁  I passed by the pen, intent on only getting feed for the chicks, but was drawn back to them.  I look at Lucas.  “Do you want a duckie?”  The answer was, of course, “YES!”  And well, you can’t just get one duckling, you for sure have to get two!  We left Anderson’s with two Mallard ducklings in a box carried very carefully by my four-year-old.

Bringing them home

We came home and set them up in their makeshift brooder.  Silly little birds tried to swim in their water bowl!  I used a Rubbermaid tote and a donated Corningware casserole dish as their pool.  I threw some pine straw down in the container and another small bowl holds their feed.  It is basically like caring for a baby chick.  They need to be kept warm under a warming lamp.  They do not eat regular chick starter feed but flock raiser feed.  I will move them to the coop with the rest of the baby peeps later this weekend.

They are happily swimming in their Corningware pool.  It’s so funny because they sound like baby chicks and they really get noisy if you separate them!  They have been named Noah and Brit.  We don’t know if they are boys or girls, but it would be awesome if we had one of each so we could make our own ducklings!  They are so amusing to watch and I just adore their little bills.  They love to splash around!


More goodies from Anderson’s

I also picked up this awesomely super soft t-shirt at Anderson’s!  If you live near Statesboro, you should go check out Anderson’s….they have tons of neat stuff in the store!


Quack!  Quack!


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