Screen Door

Let me preface this entire story with the fact that my screen door is usually OPEN.   My yappy little dogs like to go out on the deck and it’s a pain in the ass to keep opening the door.  Plus, it falls off the track and that’s another pain in my ass.

Back to the story.  Last Saturday, I had some friends over for Game Night.  We were all hanging out on the deck chatting and I hopped up to go into the house to get my phone.  I trotted up the step and WHAM!  Head first into the screen. Only it didn’t stop there.  I then ricocheted back off my now crushed screen door and fall onto my knee, ripping the top layer of skin off about 5 inches of my right shin.  Wait, there’s more.  I then try to put my hand back to stop myself from falling back.  No can do because I am at the edge of the deck step.   I continue to roll helplessly off the step onto the main deck floor.  My best friend witnessed the entire slow motion fall.  I know she pissed herself laughing!  I lay on the deck clutching my leg while her husband keeps touching it and asking me if it hurts.  Below is the end result…..


On a more positive note, we had a great time playing games….here’s Sam trying to not drool on himself!

Just call me Grace!


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