Potato Towers

Have you seen these potato towers?  They claim you can grow tons of potatoes above ground in a little bit of space.  Last year, I grew potatoes in laundry baskets.  No kidding.  I had four white dollar store laundry baskets sitting in my garden.  I got some potatoes, but it was kind of a failed effort.  It’s ok though, I’m all for trying new stuff!  This year I decided to use hardware cloth and rebar.  Here’s the result.

Of course, I envisioned them to be prettier.  I also envisioned them to be round and there to be two of them.  If you read my earlier post, you will remember why I could not cut them into two pieces.   My beloved son decided to lose my new wire cutters.  I was too lazy to drive back to Lowe’s, so we have one tower.  Hardware cloth is difficult to unroll and my arm was getting all scraped up, so I did the best I could.  Don’t judge me.  If I can grow more potatoes, I don’t care what it looks like!

After erecting my potato tower, I threw some shredded leaves and straw in the bottom.  I heaved in ten potatoes and then dumped some soil and more straw on top.  A good watering and now it’s time to wait and watch the magic happen!  I get pretty excited when I grow stuff because I am kind of haphazard!

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