Let’s talk about Aromatherapy!  I am new to essential oils and I absolutely believe in their benefits.  There are many uses for both mental and physical wellness. If you are like me and do not want to use traditional medicine to increase your wellness, aromatherapy may be for you!

I found Plant Therapy.  I love their oils!  The selection is huge and the price is reasonable.  You can purchase individual oils, synergies, accessories, and diffusers right on their site.  Shipping is free too!  Even better for me are their Kidsafe oils! These particular oil sets are all safe to use around young children.  Again, there is so much to learn about essential oil therapy!  Plant Therapy has a blog with lots of information for beginners about essential oil therapy.

My journey

I have been on a journey in the past several months to decrease the amount of stress in my life.  Being a typical Aries, I am constantly moving, planning, and doing.  Much of this constant activity stems from anxiety.  I was becoming a not very nice mom to my kids and it seemed everything they did got on my nerves!  Recently separated and now managing a household of five children by myself, I found my stress level rising.  I did not want to jump on the traditional pharmaceutical train, so I tried meditation.  Meditation is wonderful if you have thirty minutes of free time every day.  I have a houseful of kids. Some days I can’t even pee alone.  I visited my doctor.  Their answer was an SSRI.  Try telling an emergency room nurse to take Prozac!  Not for me.  I needed another avenue.  Aromatherapy was the answer.  I could just inhale and get all the benefits!

Choosing my oils

The first oils I ordered were Grounded Foundation, Loving Compassion, Self Manifestation {great for meditation time!} and Organic Germ Fighter.  All are synergy blends and have an earthy fragrance.  I love them!  I picked up a little diffuser at Walmart, but have since ordered a diffuser from Plant Therapy.  The diffusers are easy to set up.  All you do is add distilled water and a few drops of your favorite oil and you are set.

I currently have Grounded Foundation diffusing in my living room.  You can imagine the amount of carrying on that goes on in my house.  Five children from age four to age thirteen spells lots of stress in my book.  This scent smells earthy and for the past 24 hours, everyone here has been remarkably calm.  It has helped me to remain calm when dealing with sibling squabbles and has been beneficial all around.

My plan is to get an extra diffuser to use the Organic Germ Fighter in the boys’ bedroom.  We have had a huge flu outbreak in our area and if it can help keep us healthy,  I am all for it!  I used the Love and Compassion oil as a drawer deodorizer in my daughter’s room.  I put one drop on a cotton ball and placed it in the back of the drawer.

Are you interested in essential oils?  Check out Plant Therapy!  Click the link in my sidebar to purchase through my site.   I participate in the affiliate links program with Plant Therapy so if you purchase through my site I benefit….so thank you!


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