Checking in with the chickens!

It’s time to check in with the chickens!  Our new peeps are a little over one week old.  They have graduated from the playroom to the coop.  Let’s just say they were getting pretty noisy and messy!  Chickens make a lot of dust!  Our weather this week has been in the mid 70’s during the day with a nighttime low in the mid 50’s, so I felt safe letting them move outside.  They remain under the warming lights and seem pretty cozy in their new home.  I flipped one of the totes onto its side to give them a little shelter within the coop.  They hung out there the first day, but have been exploring the whole coop a bit more every day.

I had hoped one of my four hens would feel a little motherly and take them in, but they don’t seem too interested in them!  They look at them, then hop up on their roosts!  The big girls get to go out in the newly fenced yard during the day and the peeps stay put in the coop.

The fence.

Did I mention I fenced in an area for the hens?  Twenty t-posts and 150 feet of poultry fencing later, the girls are now corralled into one area.  Have you ever pounded t-posts into the ground?  Let me recommend it for a great ab workout!  Holy mama!  My chicken coop is currently built on the back of an old shed.  My plan is to convert the entire shed into one large coop.  I will share the details of that transformation once it’s completed!

I may extend the run around the pond in the future.  I love the idea of a chicken tunnel!  I could have them all over the yard!  I plan on putting a chicken swing in that big oak next to the coop.  I think they would enjoy that!


Of course, I had an escapee today!  This little gem jumped on top of the feed bin and flew over the fence!  I would let my chickens free range in my yard but they were visiting the neighbors and digging up my garden beds, so I had to fence them in.  This run is not predator proof but the coop is.  There may need to be some alterations done at a later date.

The gate.

Okay, so the gate is not pretty, but it works.  Kind of.  You have to push the pallet over a bit and then it closes.  Hey!  I never said I was a carpenter…I’m winging it here.  My original plan was for this gate to be lighter.  A simple gate with chicken wire in the center to keep the chickens in.  That plan went out the door when my youngest decided to lose my brand new wire cutters.  I didn’t feel like driving back to Lowe’s to get another pair, so I made do.  I had plenty of leftover wood, so I pieced it together and made a gate!  Ugly, but functional!  I also used two old pallets I had lying around to make the entrance.  Very shabby chic!  I don’t think it will go viral on Pinterest though!

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