Thursday in the Garden

Welcome to Thursday in the Garden where I share my gardening inspiration, projects and successes each week!  This week I want to share my seedling progress…it’s week three!  My plants are currently in the craft room stationed on a table at the window.  I also have two grow lights over them so they have plenty of sunlight.

Champions of the week….

Our cucumbers and watermelons have grown their third set of leaves and are the champs this week!


Growing stronger….

Coming along in second place are the tomatoes and peppers.  They are still leggy, but getting stronger every day.  I have several that have their third leaves.  This week I will cut the weaker plants our of each little pod to allow the stronger plants to keep growing.  If all goes well, I will have twelve strong plants of each variety.  If you remember, I planted Beefsteak Tomatoes, Patio Choice Cherry Tomatoes, and Better Boy Hybrids.  That will make for an awesome tomato garden this year!


Lastly are the flowers.  Slow progress on this flat, but I see some Chinese Lanterns and Zinnia emerging from the soil.  I think I planted them too deep.  My plan is to direct sow seeds in the garden in a few weeks.  I just enjoy the process and love to see what I can grow!  No failures, just learning processes!

We have a few more weeks in the house before we begin hardening our transplants.  After that, they will move to their new home in the main garden.  This is the most successful vegetable seed planting I have had so far and I am excited!  If my tomato and pepper seedlings do well, I will save so much money by not having to buy plants later this spring!  Score!  Our weather forecast for this upcoming week will be in the mid 70’s.  My ground is saturated from all the rain we had last week giving the gardens a good start this year.  I may be able to do some direct sowing before the last true frost date.

How are your seedlings growing?  Feel free to share your tips and pictures in the comments!  Happy Gardening!


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