Transformation Tuesday: Thinking outside the closet

Welcome to Transformation Tuesday, where every week I will post ideas and DIY projects for around the house!  This week I want to talk to you about clothing storage.  Clothing storage tends to make us think about a traditional closet with bi-fold doors and a stand-alone dresser.  Well, I don’t have any of those plus I did not want to build a closet nor buy a dresser.  What’s a girl to do?  Think outside the box…that’s what!

De-clutter/Donate/Hand it down

Believe it or not, our homes are full of items we do not need.  It’s true!  I know there are items you think you absolutely cannot live without, but you can! I recently repainted my entire upstairs and turned it into a bedroom/rec room for three boys. There is zero storage space in the 16-foot x 80-foot expanse of space.  Three boys equal a whole lot of clothes and shoes!   I spent a long afternoon sorting through clothes and shoes, deciding what needed to stay and what needed to go.  Decluttering greatly helped in determining what kind of open storage I would purchase.

Search online

I began searching online and Pinterest for open closet ideas.  I needed both hanging space as well as drawer storage.  Limited by height and width requirements, the search took a bit of work.  Previously, I used a four-foot shelf with a rod for hanging clothes.  The boys shared a dresser but it was quickly becoming too full.  I discovered these units at Lowe’s.  I believe they are from Style Selections.  They were around $50 each and were very easy to build.  The units have two rods for hanging clothes and four shelves.  The shelves were just the right size for the wooden storage totes.

Two units side by side


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Set it up!

It took me about 20 minutes to build each unit.  I purchased the wooden storage bins at Lowe’s.  I paid $12 for each bin.  Since I am going for a farmhouse look, I liked the idea of the wooden crates.  I plan to label each bin by using a woodburning technique.  The boys store their caps on the top and there is plenty of storage for shoes on the bottom rung.  The open unit makes putting clean clothes away an easy chore for the kids.

I decided to place two units sided by side to visually separate the upstairs space.  This gave the older boys a defined area away from their little brother 🙂


The open shelving has helped the boys keep their bedroom clutter free.  The bins keep everything corraled and the boys can easily reach what they need.  There is enough space for everything, even a shelf for their keepsake boxes!  Overall, I am pretty happy with how the storage units have worked out.  They are light enough to move around to clean and so far have stood up to the roughhousing of three young boys!

Feel free to share your open storage ideas in the comments!


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