Baby chicks!

Our baby chicks arrived at the Statesboro Post Office bright and early this morning!  I received a phone call around 8 am that they were ready for pickup. Our chicks came from a hatchery in Iowa, and to my surprise, they are all in one box!  It was like a big box of chirpy chick love!

The arrival!

Direct from Iowa!

Before I leave for the post office, I set up the brooders.  Homesteaders can find countless ideas for DIY brooders on Pinterest.   I fashioned our brooders out of two 50 gallon totes.  Each is filled with a small bag of pine shavings.  You can purchase warming lights at your local Tractor Supply Company.  I like these particular lights because they have the guard on them.  We have lots of little hands in our house and we do not need any burns.   One feeder and one waterer and we are ready for the chicks!  They are living in our play/craft room for a few weeks until they move to the outside coop.

Lucas and I came home and popped open the box.  I just about died….all those fuzzy little faces just looking up at me and chirping away!

Settling in!

I load them into the brooders to keep them warm.  No pasty bottoms are found and we have a total of thirty-two chicks!  In about a week, I will add another brooder to make more room as they grow.  It is amazing how much they grow in one week!

I quickly discover they can crawl through the holes on the feeders and get stuck inside.  I will leave the feeders unhinged for the next week until they grow.  Silly little birds!

They find their feeder and their waterer quickly and get busy pecking about. They are vigorous and jumping all over.  The temperature must be maintained in the brooder to keep the chicks warm  You can observe them and quickly tell if the temperature is off.    If they crowd under the light, it’s too cold.  If they go to the far end, it’s too hot.

The chirping!

Here’s an attestation to how noisy they are!  I guess we will eventually get used to it and it’s not too bad if the door stays closed.

I’m so glad they arrived a day earlier than expected.  Lucas is super excited about them and has been great with not picking them up but he loves to pet their fuzzy little heads.  I can’t wait for Madison and Sam to get home from school….they are going to be so excited!


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