Chicks are on the way… egg-citing!

It’s so egg-citing!  I am expecting a very special {and noisy} delivery by the end of the week.  On Sunday afternoon, I found myself on the Tractor Supply website and discovered they already had baby chicks to order.  OMG… chicks!!!  I can barely contain myself!

My original plan was to add ten chickens to our homestead this year.  I still have four hens from my last flock and they are still laying eggs. The largest flock I have had in the past was twelve hens and four roosters.  We lost some hens due to predators.  The roosters became very aggressive, so we got a quick lesson in how to butcher a chicken.  Although I was glad for the educational experience, I think I will stick with my egg business. The original plan for only ten new hens quickly went out the window when I discovered you had to order ten chicks of the same breed.  I didn’t care for the traditional variety pack they offered, so I ended up with an order for thirty baby chicks.  Yes, you read that correctly, THIRTY.   Go big or go home!

Flock #1:  Black Australorp

Black Australorp hen

I chose Black Australorps for my first 10 chicks.  I had an Australorp in the past and she was a sweetheart.  Her name was Coraline.  They are a very docile chicken but they can be very broody.  I recall having to physically remove Coraline from the nesting box.  She would just sit in there, eggs or no eggs.  These girls lay large brown eggs.

Flock #2:  Barred Rock

Barred Rock Hen


I chose Barred Rocks for my second group.  I just love their color and markings!  They also lay large brown eggs on the average of 240 per year.  They are a very docile and kid-friendly hen.

Flock #3:  Easter Eggers

Last but not least is the Easter Egger hen.  I chose this breed to add to my flock because of the coloring of their eggs.  They lay blue and green eggs!

My new chicks will make their way to me via the United States Postal Service.  When the chicks arrive at our local post office, the staff will call me to come fetch my noisy little boxes.  The chicks are packed in a cardboard box with bedding and a warmer.  I am crossing my fingers that all my new girls make it to us in good health.   Tractor Supply Company has wonderful customer service and if there is any problem with your poultry purchase, they will make it right.  Most of the reviews I read on the site said since these chicks are shipped during the winter, one or two extra are included….so we may have 36 new hens!  We have a few more days until our chicks arrive, so I am using that time to set up my brooder……but that’s another post!

Check out Tractor Supply Company and order some chicks for yourself!  If you are a member of Swagbucks, you can earn 2 Swagbucks per dollar spent on their site.  Not a member, it’s easy to join….click the image below!


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