Seeds planted

I’ve had a dream bubbling around in my head for a few years now.  It may sound hippy-ish, but think living on a commune would be awesome! Communes support the idea of working together for a common goal and most often its survival!  I think it would be wonderful to not be mired in the rat race of today’s world and be able to be self-sufficient.   My goal here on my five acres is to create a small homestead to provide a portion of income and teach myself and my children life skills to survive.  It’s scary to think of being completely reliant on yourself to survive, but people have done it for years. It may not be the most glamorous life, but if your heart is happy it’s what you are meant to do!

Have you ever watched Auroville?  It’s on Netflix right now.  It’s about a city in India that was developed in the late 1960’s.  It was an experiment of sorts in communal living. Imagine aplace where you get to choose your responsibilities and how you want to spend your life based on what is important to you.  It’s about making a small contribution to this world to make it a better place all around.

I spent the last 7 days on a paid vacation from my full-time job.  I am a Clinical Coordinator in the Emergency Department at our local hospital.  I tried to sever my ties to the land of social media.   I spent very minimal time on the phone and nearly went ghost on Facebook (except for a post or two to share my daughter’s talent show performance with the relatives).  I did peruse Pinterest quite a bit for homesteading and gardening ideas because well I can’t give up everything right?   Know what I found out?  I didn’t miss it.  As a matter of fact, I was less anxious and could concentrate on goals that were important to me.  It gave me time to really sit and think about what I wanted to do with my time here and with this land I own.

The other plus side is that OMG I got a ton of work done!  I nearly finished my laminate flooring.  I prepped my four garden beds for the spring.  I planted 288 seedlings.  I painted my entire downstairs (approximately 1500 square feet).  I relocated all my boys to the upstairs space and made a recreation room.  I transformed a small room into our arts and crafts room.  I read the Chronological Bible. I had my oil changed in my car.  I cleaned up all the trash and broken toys lying around in my hard.  I slept 8 hours a night.  I spent quality time with my kids:  we went to the park, we went out to eat, we cooked together.

Today I am headed back to work and the little dream bubble is still floating about in my head.  How wonderful it would be to be a slave to my own schedule, not someone else’s.  But the reality is, I have five children that depend on me to support them.  There are bills and insurance needs, but I feel like the seed has been planted.  I don’t think I would ever completely remove myself from the modern world.  There are plenty of positive sides to it, technology being the biggest.  I would only like to remove myself from the depersonalization of this world we live in.  We have lost the understanding of how things are created and built because everything has become automated.  What will we do when all the machines break down?  Scary to think about it.

Even if i is done in baby steps, I think there will be a transition to increased self-reliance here at our home.  I want my kids to understand how food is grown and how animals provide for us. I want to utilize what technology we have to make our work easier, but not forget the “old ways”.  I want us to be able to thrive in the world even if it all comes to a sudden halt.




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