Get ready for 2018!

In anticipation of the upcoming new year, I went searching for a planner to document my journey through 2018.  Emma helped me choose…it was a toss up between the gold and white stripes and the black and white stripes…black and white won! We picked it up during a quick shopping trip this evening.

I am in love with my new planner!  It is big enough to fill in all my yearly activities, birthdays and appointments.  There are pages for weekly and yearly goals.  In each monthly section, there is a to do list and an area for notes. Do you have a word for the upcoming year?  I do. Mine is FOCUS.  I have a habit of partially completing tasks and then becoming frustrated with a big pile of half done tasks.  I’m hoping this planner will help me stay on track.  This planner lends itself to my current mindset…coming up with a HUGE goal and then planning weekly and monthly activities to help meet or exceed my goal.



What is your HUGE goal for this upcoming year? I have enormous goals for the upcoming year.  I have plans to completely turn my life upside down and start living life based on my owns terms.  Dare to make your dreams bigger than you could ever imagine.  You will be amazed at how the universe will align to manifest your dreams into reality.  If you speak and believe you have already accomplished your goals, it will happen.  Watch this video, it is one of my favorites. I listen to it every night and pick a new intention to focus on.



You can have multiple goals for different areas of your life. Jobs, weight loss and finances are all areas that people generally want to improve.   Not happy with your job?  Make a list of what you love to do.  Discover your passion, develop it and make a job out of it.  Unhappy with your weight, your appearance?  Set small goals until you find yourself where you really want be.  I constantly find myself living my life based on what others might think of me.  I’m in my late forties and a mother to five children.  I am separated.  These facts automatically give you a picture of me.  But is it really me?   Be who you are.  Are you nutty and love bohemian style?  Wear it and live it!  Do not limit yourself to being everyday….dream big!


Design your days around your goals.  It takes 21 days for an action to become a habit.  We must practice and be intentional in our activities every single day in order for them to manifest themselves into our lives.  It is so easy to get caught up day to day bullshit and forget your goals.  If we plan our days around accomplishing our goals, we are halfway there.  If you need to lose weight, schedule your work out in every single morning.  If you love to draw, set aside time in the afternoon devoted only to sketching.  As women, we often place everyone else’s needs before ours and we need to stop that!  Only when we allow ourselves to be entirely who we are meant to be can we be a positive influence on those around us.


Review your goals, plans and activities frequently.  The universe may send something your way that seems unrelated to your goal, but may be a major step towards accomplishing your goal.  A setback isn’t always what it seems.  I have had at times devastating life events that I couldn’t understand at the time.  Years later, I could see how certain events shaped my life.  I was led down paths I was meant to go down.  Remember those devastating breakups with that boy you thought you couldn’t live without?  Well, that was the universe protecting you or moving you onto something better!  Being flexible will help you to adjust your momentum to meet goals or even better, exceed them!



No matter what your goals for the new year, having a plan will help you accomplish them.  If  a planner isn’t your style, try making a vision board or start a bullet journal.  No matter how you document your journey, make it personal.  You may be presently surprised next year when you look back and discover you have accomplished so much!






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