Laws of Attraction

I have been feeling overwhelmed and stressed about how out I was relating to my kids.  I felt like I was unable to be the parent I knew I could be.  I was always putting myself down or blaming someone else for my kids’ behavior.   Our home was becoming a place that no one wanted to come home to. Not only with my kids but I also struggled with motivation in my life.  I had a list of items I wanted to accomplish but lacked the vision to start and the perseverance to complete the tasks.

I had recently begun listening to Deepak Chopra meditations to help me deal with anxiety instead of becoming another pharmaceutical customer.  {I will tell you that story later!} I started hearing more and more about the Law of Attraction and on manifesting things into your life.  I had never heard of such a concept so I dug a little deeper and watched more videos the topic.  I started to listen to all these people who had such positive mindsets and had this sense of calm about them.  I wanted to feel that way! The idea is so simple you can’t believe it.  There are many individuals out there who talk about and teach these ideas.  I enjoy listening to Deepak Chopra.

Essentially you create the life you want by acting like you already have it.  It may not always be geared towards money, a new house, and fast cars.  It can be a habit you want to encourage in your life, a weight loss goal, a business venture or even a relationship.  The key is you have to be specific about your intentions or the universe will not know what to give you.  The other key point here is to stop acting like you are broke, dumb, unloved or any of the million things your mind tricks you into believing about yourself    If you think these things, you are them.  If you have a dream and a positive mindset you are set to go.  Here is how I got started!

Make a list of intentions.

These are your desires, goals, dreams.  They can be big or small, but let me tell you the bigger the better!  Your mind can be conditioned to go beyond what you ever thought you could achieve.  For example, the first intention I set was to gain control over my anger and to react positively no matter what my situation.  Another intention was to open my mind to any income potential within the next 30 days.

Search Youtube videos for manifesting your intentions.

Watch this video every single day.  I searched a lot of videos and this is my favorite.  It can be used to manifest any type of intention plus it lasts about 11 minutes.  Perfect for me!

Manifest your intentions every single day. 

You can choose a different intention every day or focus on one per week.   You will be amazed at the results.

Watch how it works.

Let’s go back to my first two intentions.  The first one was to control my anger and react positively no matter what my situation.  The very next day I received an invitation to join a local meditation class.  The next day I was searching for Yoga classes and found a yoga class schedule at a new facility five minutes from my house!  This is a new facility and in my neighborhood, but I didn’t even know about it!  Another plus is they have kids classes!

My second intention was to open my mind to any income potential in the next 30 days.  I specifically asked for a home-based business that would bring in $1000 per month.  Later that day I received a gift card in the mail.  I joined Swagbucks and Ibotta that same day and have already started earning money.  A friend from work contacted me the next morning and told me about her home-based business and how she had already earned $1000 this month.  For real.  Lol.  Her exact words.


I hope you have a wonderful, positive day!



Here’s a great video about the Laws of Attraction from Jordan Cheyenne….she is a super positive Youtube personality!  Enjoy!



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