Taming Christmas

French Farmhouse Christmas.  That’s me. I love the whole look.  Weathered, simple, white.  My heart says yes, but my current decor says NO.  I have a very earth-toned palette in my home.  Lots of browns, oranges, green, aqua and red.  Couple that with the fact that my house hardly looks like it fell off a Scandinavian Christmas postcard and well, you get what I mean.  My Christmas decor in past years screamed “handmade by toddlers” and “bought at the Dollar General”.

Last spring during one of my “I am purging everything” moments, I literally threw out all of my Christmas decorations, including my tree. {I didn’t really throw it out, I donated it all to Goodwill.}  I did this with the thought in mind that I wanted to move into the whole zone of minimalist Christmas.  Christmas is drawing near and guess what?  I’m crapping in my pants because I have ZERO Christmas decorations and I live in a house that doesn’t support this whole minimalist Christmas look.  Plus everytime I go to the store the proverbial mall Santa is shoving every new Christmas item into my face and screaming BUY ME in my ear.  So, I have to revisit this.  How can I get the look I want without blowing my whole budget and getting sucked into the Christmas vortex?  Think, think, think.

The whole thought process behind this is that I don’t want to spend all my time decorating before Christmas and then pack all that shit up after Christmas and put it away.  I want green, easy, compostable.  So here’s my plan.

  • get a potted Christmas tree to replant in the yard
  • use rosemary mini trees on the tabletops
  • decorate the tree with white lights only (and my new Moravian star topper….SPLURGE)
  • Make all the ornaments with the kids
  • use our past handmade ornaments to decorate our tree (the more hideous the better!)
  • use natural items to decorate with (I live in Georgia so we have pine cones galore!)
  • wrap all presents in plain wrapping paper tied with cotton twine.

I LOVE this plan.  My friends, however, think that my children are going to be horrified because Father Christmas didn’t puke his holiday cheer into their living space.  My heart hurts a little bit at the thought of this, but I just keep reminding myself it’s my holiday and I can make it what I want.  Is it different from all the other years?  YES. And that is ok.  Do I long for color-coordinated Christmas bedspreads and a tree in every room?  Of course, I do!  It’s a magical time of the year, but not at the expense of my time with my kids.

What are your plans for holiday decorating? Any new completely different than all the years before plans for your future?  I’d love to hear them!


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