My top Christmas gift picks

  1.  Walkie-talkies.  Even if I cannot see them I can just yell into it and keep them on their toes!
  2. Fidget cubes: Occupied.
  3. Drones:  has to have a camera so I can hover over them or chase them across the yard and laugh my ass off.
  4. ANY wooden toy that does not contain batteries:  I abhor batteries and things that make noise.
  5. Art supplies:  because they always claim they are bored and have nothing to do.
  6. Doll clothes:  because I am tired of seeing naked dolls and barbies strewn about the living room.
  7. Subscriptions to year-long items:  The key here is to have the first month as the actual gift.  Who the hell wants a slip of paper saying “your subscription will be here next month”?  Think Clark Griswald and the Jelly of Month Club.
  8. Sandboxes:  It removes them from my house and into the great outdoors.   The downside is they generally track sand BACK in.
  9. Saucer Swing:  no one has to wait their turn, they can all ride together.
  10. Gift cards:  They can get what they really want!
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