Pool fun on the deck…

Our dastardly dogs ate our yard pool over the winter.  This year I decided against getting another and instead bought season passes for Splash in the Boro.   My idea is that it would force me to get out of the house and it would give the kids some social time with friends their own ages.  Now, if I could only find a swimsuit…..

Indeed, we do have season passes, but I still needed a little place to keep the littlest of us cool and just a little spot where everyone could cool off for the day..hence, the triple pools on my deck!

One for the “bigs”, one for the “mediums” and one for the “little”.  Now the little tried to get into the bigs pool but that didn’t go so well.  So under my watchful eye he stays in the little or medium pool.

There is fun to be had by all.  We even hooked up a little caterpillar sprinkler to beat the heat. 

Don’t they look like they should be in a shampoo commercial?  Lol!

Best of all, when the day is done, they get drained and tucked away….until it’s time for more pool fun!

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