Tonight I made my first real attempt at making pillowcase dresses for the girls.  I chose them because I wanted something quick that I didn’t need a pattern for.  I found some quick instructions here

Madison’s dress had to be altered from the original.  My bias tape was too wide, well not really, I realized I didn’t fold it in half again.  So out came the scissors and I just cut it all off which now left the armholes way too big.  Oh well.  It is fine.  This was my “trial” dress so I wasn’t stressing and she loved it anyway. 

I found the hem bias tape at Goodwill like eon’s ago.  It’s been sitting in my sewing box, so I decided to use it up.  It doesn’t match exactly, but it’s fine. 
I have had fabric in my cabinet for a while and I never seem to use it.  I vowed I was not going to pick up anything new until I used up what I had. {This is my new motto!}  I even went to Hobby Lobby today and DID NOT buy any new fabric!  I did get bias tape, thread and pins though. 
Emma’s “trial” dress is green with purple and orange flowers.  I had originally had a striped hemline on it but didn’t like it, so out came the scissors again!  Lol. 
So, I’m pretty proud of myself even though they weren’t particularly difficult or anything.  I just enjoyed making them!
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