Summer Kids Series

Hi all!  Welcome to my little version of “what to do with your kids all summer!”  If you don’t know, I have four little one’s at home, all under the age of 7.  That can create a little challenge over the summer to keep them occupied and also not lose sight of educational opportunities while out of traditional school.

Since my kids range in age from 2 to 7 years old, I tried to find some crafts and activities that they could all enjoy.  Some projects require adult intervention, but for the most part, I just let them be creative.

My first step was kind of planning themes for the summer weeks.  I chose:

*Free for all!

Inside of each week, I’m going to try to stick to somewhat of a schedule for the day.  Still flexible, but keeps it more organized.  Our day goes like this:

Wake up!  and breakfast time.  If the kids can help prepare their meal, hooray!
Calender/weather time (I have a big old chalkboard painted on my kitchen wall for this!)
Daily craft (I’ll share these with you as we move through the weeks)
Day trip  (I’ve explored local spots that we can incorporate into our weekly themes)
Free time:  this can be for coloring, painting, reading, name it!
Dessert prep (hoping to make some desserts to have AFTER supper!)
Story time
I’ve planned different projects, day trips, stories and movies for week.  I’ll encourage you check our local libraries, ours runs a Summer Reading program so we have a plan for every Thursday.  We still have left the schedule pretty flexible so we can change it up if we need to.

I’d love to hear what you are doing with your kids this summer!

I hope you’ll tune in each day to see what we are up to and to share your summer activities!




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