in the garden….

Our garden is blooming!  I am especially in love with the sunflowers..big old floppy heads, so cheerful!  The one in the pic above is about 9 ft tall!


This one has lots of flowers!  I am going to plant a whole row of sunflowers in my garden next year
because they are super easy to grow and I just love them.


Catnip on the right….cats can’t wait till this is dried…this was a little quart sized plant about a month ago…has grown tremendously!



Knock out roses…love em!


My cilantro has gone to seed….I could eat this with anything!


Mints gone wild!


Cucumbers are starting to grow…gonna make a big old pickle jar!


These little guys somehow ended up in my deck flowerbeds.  I let them be and just pick em as I need them.  LOL


Growing alongside the tomatoes….


The kittens….from Monkey….our adopted stray who came with the house!
One of the pure white kittens has a blue and a green eye.  I think she’s deaf.
I had an identical cat as a child, and he was deaf.  I think it’s a genetic thing.
They are so funny…they climb the trees and live in the shed and frolic around in the woods.
What’s growing in your garden?
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