Tybee…black and white’s

As I said we went to Tybee on Sunday…lovely eighty degree weather and today, {can you believe it?}, it’s raining and like 50 degrees!

Wanted to share some pics of the kiddo’s I took in b/w.  Beautiful place and (despite Sam who was scared the water was gonna get him) everyone had a great time.  Emma picked up tons of seashells that she took to school today for sharing…

no shirts and skins here! 
they just enjoyed playing in the water..

meathead…one of the few times he was smiling…

ms. madi
My favorite pic…

all lined up by age and size…probably will get this one on canvas..love it!

don’t you want to just pinch him? 

they found a watering hole by the rocks…water was COLD!
Patterns in the sand…

As soon as we got there to our horror,  Sam for some reason stripped down completely naked and went running towards the water.  We had to fetch him and put his clothes back on noting to him that this was not the “nude beach”. 
After a few minutes he decided he wanted to go “home” and kept running back toward the pier. 
It took several running trips over to retrieve him.  He’s such a brat sometimes:)

Madi wasn’t particularly fond of the cold water. 
{note face above}

this pic pretty much sums of jacob’s thoughts on the day 🙂
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