Whimsy and Sass



Never did I ever think I would stick my hands in a bowl of squiggly, crawly worms.  Yuk.  Double yuk.  We have 26 chickens now and they love them some mealies.  We added Gecky the Gecko at Christmas too.  He is also a mealworm connoisseur.  Let me tell you one little package of mealworms runs Read more about Mealworms![…]

My new fruit tree guild

Why did I not know about this whole fruit guild/permaculture gardening thing?  I mean, it’s become my obsession…..well actually, it has been my obsession, I just now realized there is an actual name for it!   Being a rather haphazard gardener, I love the idea of self-sowing plants.  Why fight nature?  I love to just toss seeds around Read more about My new fruit tree guild[…]

Around the Homestead: May

Are you a wanna-be homesteader?  Me, too!  I have accomplished some of my homestead goals, but still Ihave a large bucket list!  Come and see what’s been going on at my growing homestead this month! Meet the birds… I now have a total of twenty-one hens, one rooster (oops! he got sexed wrong!), four ducks Read more about Around the Homestead: May[…]


This is Madison.  She is a rescue we adopted from a facebook post.  She is quite possibly the ugliest dog in the world.  I say that in a loving way.  She is so ugly, she’s cute!  She was abandoned by her owners and left in a trailer with several other dogs.   This photo was taken Read more about Madison[…]